Investor Principles

These investor principles apply to an investor on the Zopa platform and should be read in conjunction with:

  • The Loan Conditions
  • FAQs
  • Privacy Notice (how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store your information and your rights around this)
  • Terms of Use (what you can and can't do with the Zopa platforms)
  • Mobile App Terms (what you can and can't do with our app)
  • Cookie Policy (how we use cookies on your digital devices)

If there are any differences between this agreement and the Loan Conditions, the wording in the Loan Conditions shall apply.

If you are an institutional investor, these Principles may be varied and/or supplemented by your platform lending and servicing agreement with Zopa ( Platform Lending Agreement ). If there are any differences between an institution's Platform Lending Agreement and these Principles, the Platform Lending Agreement will apply.

Investor services are offered by Zopa Limited. Unless otherwise stated, all references to Zopa mean Zopa Limited or an entity acting on its behalf.

Zopa Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and entered on the Financial Services Register (718925). Zopa Limited is a member of Cifas -- the UK's leading anti-fraud organisation. Zopa Limited is registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner (Z8797078). Zopa Limited (05197592) is incorporated in England and Wales and has its registered office at: 1st Floor, Cottons Centre, Tooley Street, London, SE1 2QG.

1. How to make an investment and how we look after your money

To make an investment in a loan, you need to transfer the amount you want to lend to the client account we have with a major high street bank which we use for all Zopa customers. You can also send a cheque payable to Zopa Ltd., and addressed to Zopa Ltd., 1st Floor Cottons Centre, 47-49 Tooley Street, London SE1 2QG.

Your funds will show as a credit in your holding account which you can see on your Zopa dashboard. If you selected a product you'd like to invest in before making payment your funds will be automatically allocated to it; otherwise you can make your selection after your funds have been received.

You can start investing provided you've funded your product with the minimum initial investment amount required. The amounts you wish to invest will be queued until they are matched by the lending platform with suitable loan applications or with loans being sold by other investors via the secondary market. We can't guarantee that we'll always find a match.

Note : You can find more information about our products and how you can start investing in our FAQs

See Principle 15 below for details on how we treat money you've transferred to us but that we haven't lent out yet and any repayments under loan agreements.

You can log in to your Zopa dashboard at any time to see how much money we're holding for you and how much you've lent.

Note : We'll use reasonable skill in selecting the bank holding Zopa customers' money but won't be responsible for its acts and omissions.

Important regulatory points for investors

Financial Services Compensation Scheme : The money you invest by making loans to loan customers is at risk and not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This means you'll have to bear any loss if a loan customer is unable to repay and we're unable to recover any outstanding amounts from them.

FCA regulation : If you are a lending business you can only invest in loans if you are authorised by the FCA. You must tell us immediately if your authorisation has been varied, limited, or qualified in any way, or cancelled, or you are subject to enforcement action.

You must not send any communication to any person to lend or borrow outside the Zopa lending platform or promote or market any goods or services for your own financial benefit.

We will need to do the following for you (acting as your agent) to make and manage your investments:

  • Match the funds you want to invest with suitable loan applications.
  • Negotiate and execute on your behalf any agreements or deeds in relation to any loan application, e.g. the credit agreement between you and the loan customer.
  • Transfer the benefit of all or part of any of your loans to another investor via the secondary market, to us, or to a third party
  • Anything else we reasonably consider necessary to negotiate, administer and manage your loans, e.g. collections activity on missed repayments.

Note : The 'secondary market' allows investors to cash out some or all of their loans if they need access to their money before their loan customers are due to repay them. It doesn't apply to all loans and we charge certain fees as described in Principle 7.

2. Loan agreements

Loan agreements will be made with Zopa Bank Limited and their term will start once we've matched your funds with a loan customer and the rights of the lender are transferred to you. If you're buying an existing loan, the rights of the lender under that agreement will be transferred to you. You may have more than one loan agreement with a single borrower but the maximum that you'll lend to a single borrower at the point a loan is made will be 1% of the total amount you've invested.

Once the loan agreement has been formed you won't be able to change its terms or withdraw from it. You accept that this is so even if you had intended to cancel your investment but failed to do so or your message to us to cancel was not received and processed by us before your funds were matched and the resulting loan agreement formed.

When a loan agreement is formed, we record details of the loan on your Zopa loan book. Your identity will not be disclosed to a Zopa customer unless it's necessary to do so as part of court or other enforcement proceedings for recovery of sums due under any loan agreement or for any reason set out in our privacy notice.

All loans are repayable by monthly instalments which we collect by Direct Debit (unless we've made a different arrangement with the loan customer). We aim to show all repayments on your Zopa dashboard on the working day we receive them and not later than the end of the next working day.

We can't guarantee that a loan customer will repay their loan.

Regulation of loans

All of our loans start off as a loan from Zopa Bank to the borrower. We do this to make sure that we can always lend to suitable borrowers, and also so that borrowers benefit from all the protections offered by the Consumer Credit Act. As an investor, there are a few things you need to know about those protections. For example:

  1. The agreements and notices we send to borrowers have to comply with strict regulations covering what's included and how it's set out. If they don't comply, the law says that in some circumstances the loan can't be enforced and the lender can't charge interest until the mistakes are corrected.
  2. Borrowers are allowed to repay their loans in full or in part at any time. This means that you will stop receiving interest or may receive less interest than expected. If one of your loans is repaid early, we will try to match your funds with a new borrower but can't guarantee that we will be able to.
  3. If a borrower stops repaying, we have to follow certain procedures before we can get the remaining money back, and may need to ask a court to help.

Note : If you invested in loans before we launched Zopa Bank then these loan agreements will still be between you and the borrower.

3. Collecting repayments

You can check the status of repayments and other details of your loan agreements by logging into your Zopa dashboard at any time. You can:

  • transfer amounts received to the nominated bank account that you selected when you opened your account; or
  • re-invest them (with other amounts already available for reinvestment) by logging in to your Zopa dashboard and turning on the reinvest function to automatically make repayments received available for investment.

Note : the 1% exposure to a single borrower referred to in Principle 2 above will only be maintained over the course of your arrangement with us where you have selected the re-invest function.

If we think it's reasonable to do so, we may allow a loan customer to change the monthly repayment date, which may result in a short extension of the loan.

If a loan is repaid early, in whole or in part, we'll allocate all repaid funds to the contributing investors on a pro-rata basis.

4. Fees and charges

We apply a loan servicing fee to each loan agreement that you invest in, which is deducted directly from each borrower repayment before the principal and interest is passed on to investors. The cost of the loan servicing fee may vary between investment products.

The loan servicing fee is a monthly fee applied to a loan agreement (so paid by the borrower), calculated using Zopa's servicing rate under the loan agreement to cover the cost of administering loan agreements and any other costs we have agreed with the borrower.

As described in Principle 14 below, if we implement our wind-down plan we may charge an additional fee per loan to cover our or the back-up servicer's costs. In the general course of our business the current loan servicing fees we collect more than cover the cost of servicing loans. Any additional fees will be deducted from borrower repayments by Zopa or the back-up servicer in the same way as the loan servicing fee above.

Note : certain fees also apply to a sale of your loan agreements on the secondary market as described in Principle 7.

5. Statements

We'll make statements available to you annually through your Zopa dashboard. You can ask us for additional or paper statements but we'll charge a fee for this.

6. Tax

You agree it's your responsibility to account for any tax imposed on you as a result of using the lending platform, including on any interest you earn. We won't deduct any tax from any interest you receive and/or any proceeds of sale of any loan agreement.

We'll provide you with an annual statement of interest earned for tax purposes, which we'll place on your Zopa dashboard.

7. Getting your money back

As described in Principle 3, you can choose not to reinvest repayments made on your loan agreements.

If you need to access money you've lent before it's due to be repaid, you can use the tool on your Zopa dashboard to sell loans within your loan book to the secondary market unless the loan customers are not up to date with their repayments.

We will attempt to sell the amount you want to cash out by making a match with investors with funds they want to invest during the period specified (if any) on the screen at the time you make your request. If we can make a match, we will transfer the loan to the matched investor and pay into your account the amount of the loan that's left to pay but you won't be paid any interest on the loan for that month (or any future interest that would have been due). All of your rights in the relevant loan will be transferred to the new investor, (including your share of the ownership of the vehicle in the case of a vehicle finance loan).

You can cancel your request in relation to any loan that has not yet been sold to a new investor.

We can't guarantee that we'll find a match for you. Some of your loans may be ineligible for sale, or other investors may not be available to buy them. If, after multiple attempts, we're unable to sell them we'll let you know we're taking the loans off the market, and you can choose to wait until they mature, or try to sell your eligible loans at a later date.

Note: Loan sale fee

We charge an administration fee when selling loans in Classic, Core, and Plus. This is applied to the proceeds from successful loan sales, and deducted from the final amount before being put into your holding account.

We will always display an estimate of the loan sale fee cost before you confirm your loan sale. However, this is an estimate, and may change (for example if we can't sell the full amount you have requested).

Note: The market rate adjustment There may be occasions when the projected returns on the loans you want to sell are lower than the returns currently available to investors for loans which have a similar expected performance to yours. To encourage investors to buy your loan if this happens, we'll work out an additional amount (the market rate adjustment), equal to the additional return they would expect to earn, and deduct it from the amount the new investor must pay you.

Example - where there's £10 left to pay on the loan you want to sell.

  • If the interest rate on your loan is the same as the rate an investor would be paid on a new loan and all repayments have been made on time, the projected return for your loan is likely to be the same, so the purchasing investor may pay you £10.
  • If the interest rate on your loan is lower than the rate an investor would be paid on a new loan and not all repayments have been made on time, the projected return for your loan is likely to be less, so the purchasing investor may pay you £9.80. Effectively the other 20p is treated as an upfront interest payment to the investor buying your loan.
  • We'll also charge you an administrative fee each time you successfully sell a loan to the secondary market, which we'll deduct from the amount you're paid for the loan. We'll tell you the fee before you decide whether you want to sell your loan.

8. If the loan customer doesn't repay you

We'll do all we can to collect missed payments and will provide you with updates as appropriate. If a loan customer defaults on their loan, we may also use specialist debt collection lawyers or a debt collections agency to assist with the collections process.

If a loan customer...

  • Defaults on their loan
  • Dies
  • Becomes insolvent, bankrupt or makes a voluntary arrangement with (or agrees a trust deed for) people to whom they owe money; or
  • (in the case of a vehicle finance loan) terminates their loan agreement and ownership of the vehicle doesn't transfer to them.

We'll do one or more of the following...

  • If the loan is covered by the Zopa Safeguard Trust (see the note below for more information), you may be able to recover your money and we'll make a claim for the amount outstanding under the loan on your behalf;
  • If the loan is not covered by the Trust or your claim is unsuccessful, we, acting as your agent, will take action to recover the outstanding debt from the loan customer;
  • (in the case of a vehicle finance loan) repossess and dispose of the vehicle

And pay out any sums recovered as follows...

  • Any sums relating to a claim which was accepted in full will be paid to us;
  • Any sums relating to a claim which was declined in whole or in part will be paid to you either fully or on a pro rata basis between you and us, taking into account any payment made to you by the Trust;
  • If the loan was not covered by the Trust, we'll pay all sums recovered to you;
  • (in the case of a vehicle finance loan) pay the sale proceeds to you and the other investors in the loan on a pro rata basis.

We may deduct our reasonable recovery costs, including any litigation costs and expenses to recover outstanding arrears.

Note : A loan customer "defaults" when they fail to make the full amount of four repayments if they have a cash loan and three repayments if they have a vehicle finance loan.

Note : The Zopa Safeguard Trust was established to provide protection to individual investors, (i.e. non-lending business investors) who invested in our Access and Classic products, should a loan customer fail to repay their loan. It covered loans taken out before 1 December 2017. In November 2020, a final distribution of the money held in the Trust was made to each investor who would have had an eligible claim had a loan customer defaulted on their loan over its remaining term. Each investor received an amount which was based on the likelihood of their loan customers defaulting. The Trust is now closed to any new claims.

9. Vehicle finance loans

All of our vehicle finance loans are made under an agreement between the borrower and Zopa Bank and their term will start once we've matched your funds with a loan customer. Zopa Bank will purchase the vehicle and transfer the benefit of all or part of the agreement to you. You'll then beneficially own the loan and related rights or, if there is more than one investor, a share that's proportionate to the amount you lent relative to the other investors. Zopa Bank will be the registered owner on the CAP HPI register but hold the vehicle for the benefit of relevant investors. Investors will also be entitled to loan repayments from borrowers they've lent money to. Despite your beneficial ownership, you mustn't try to transfer or sell your share except on the secondary market in accordance with these Principles.

Note : Consumer protections

Vehicle finance loan customers benefit from certain protections under consumer credit law. Zopa Bank will be responsible for ensuring that these legal protections are complied with.

These include some specific protections that apply to vehicle finance loans:

  • Borrowers have a right to end their agreement early if they want to hand back the vehicle. If they have already paid 50% of the total amount payable under the agreement, we cannot ask them to pay any more unless they've failed to take reasonable care of the vehicle.
  • Unless and until the borrower pays the final payment due under the agreement, we can take the vehicle back from the borrower and sell it if the borrower doesn't pay. Once the borrower has repaid 1/3 of the total amount payable, though, we can only do this if we get a court order.

If the vehicle finance loan customer exercises these rights, the amount we recover (having taken into account late payments and any damage to the vehicle other than reasonable wear and tear) may be less than is needed to repay the amount that was lent.

10. Changing this agreement

We will regularly review these Principles. If we make any changes, we'll post the updates on this page.

We will make changes to the Principles that we reasonably believe will not put you at a disadvantage, or because we need to respond in a fair way to:

  • to make them easier to understand
  • changes in general law or decisions or recommendations made by a court, any regulator or similar organisation or ombudsman we have to follow (e.g., the Financial Ombudsman Service)
  • changes in regulatory requirements
  • new industry guidance and codes of practice
  • or changes to the functionality of our technology or the way we operate it.

We may sometimes make changes without giving a reason -- but we'll explain the impact of the change, and you'll always be able to end the service without charge before the change takes effect. We need this flexibility so that we can manage our services over a long period of time.

What if I don't agree with the changes?

If the change is unfavourable to you, we'll always try to give you at least 30 days' notice before making the change.

If the change is favourable to you, we'll tell you within 30 days of the change being made.

If you don't want to accept the change, you can end the agreement and close your account (see next section). But if you continue to use Zopa after we've given you notice, you'll be deemed to have accepted it.

11. Ending this agreement

This agreement has no minimum duration and you can tell us that you want to end this agreement at any time.

If you want to close your account and end this agreement you will only be able to do this when all funds you've placed on the lending platform for investment have been withdrawn or repaid by us to your nominated bank account. You can use the tool on your Zopa dashboard to sell loans within your loan book to the secondary market as described in Principle 7 above. If after choosing to sell your loans your account still holds loans we cannot sell to the secondary market (e.g. because the borrower is in arrears or has defaulted) or it has a balance of a fraction of a penny which means we cannot transfer it to your nominated account, you agree to transfer the loans and fractional balance to us. We will pay away any balances and sums recovered to a charity of our choice.

If we want to end this agreement, we will give you at least 30 days' notice.

We can also end the agreement without telling you in advance if:

  • you have not had any active products or services with us for six consecutive months
  • you have seriously or persistently breached this agreement
  • you are, or we reasonably suspect you may be, using or allowing someone else to use Zopa products and services illegally or fraudulently
  • you weren't entitled to register or are no longer entitled to be registered
  • we reasonably consider that you have placed us in a position where we might break a law, regulation, code, court order or other duty, requirement or obligation or we may be exposed to action or censure from any government, regulator or law enforcement agency
  • there has been, or we suspect, a breach of security or misuse of your account, security details or a payment device
  • orwe reasonably believe that you've intentionally provided us with any false information.

If we end your agreement and you still have funds in your account, you will not be able to invest new funds or reinvest funds received into your account, and you agree to us selling your outstanding loans either on the secondary market as described at Principle 7 above, or to us or a third party if we have to implement our wind-down plan in accordance with Principle 14. When your last loan has been sold, we will transfer any funds you are entitled to (less any fees) to your nominated bank account and then close your account. If we cannot sell your loans to the secondary market (e.g. because the borrower is in arrears or has defaulted or we cannot match your loans to another investor) or it has a balance of a fraction of a penny, you agree that we may decide to transfer the loans and fractional balance to us and we will pay away any balances and sums recovered to a charity of our choice.

If we end your agreement because you have not had any active products or services with us for a significant period of time, we may pay away any balances on your account to a charity of our choice in accordance with any rights we have to do this under applicable law.

12. Liability

We will be liable (legally and financially responsible) for foreseeable loss or damage suffered by you:

  • if we or our employees breach any of these Principles
  • if we or our employees act negligently or fraudulently

We won't be liable to you for any loss or damage that is caused by circumstances beyond our control.

As set out in our Terms of Use, we'll be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from unauthorised access to your account or unauthorised instructions, unless we can show that you have given someone your security details or acted fraudulently. If we reasonably believe that you were aware that someone else knew your security details or that your account was being misused, we will only be responsible for any loss or damage up to the point you became aware.

If you're temporarily outside the UK and want to use Zopa, we won't be liable to you if your use of Zopa does not comply with any local laws.

If you're a lending business, unless we agree with you otherwise, our liability to you under this agreement will not exceed the total amount of revenue we've earned from the loans you've made on the Zopa platform.

You will be liable (legally and financially responsible) for foreseeable loss or damage suffered by Zopa:

  • if you breach any of the Principles
  • or if you act fraudulently.

If you owe us or other Zopa customers money and you haven't paid it back when you should have done, we can use any money you have in any accounts with us to pay off some or all of the money you owe us or other Zopa customers. We can do this without telling you beforehand.

13. Innovative Finance ISA

If you've made a successful application for our Innovative Finance ISA, the additional terms in this Principle 13 will apply to you.

Note : See our ISA page for more information.

Paying in to your ISA

You can only pay cash into your ISA, which can be the repayments and income you receive on any loans, as well as uninvested cash. Any amounts that are credited to your ISA holding account are automatically added (this is also called "making a subscription" to your ISA).

You can also transfer in cash from another existing ISA if we agree to accept this.

You don't have to make a subscription in every tax year but if you don't, you'll need to go through another application process before you can start to make subscriptions again.

The law sets an overall limit on the subscriptions which you can add to an ISA account in a tax year. This limit sometimes changes so please visit for more information.

If you try to make a subscription which would exceed the maximum amount you can subscribe to your Zopa ISA for the current tax year, we'll contact you to let you know that you've gone above the annual allowance and what your options are. If we can't contact you after making reasonable efforts to do so, we'll send the money back to your nominated bank account.

Transferring your ISA

You have the right to transfer your ISA to another ISA manager at any time in accordance with the provisions of the Individual Savings Account Regulations 1998 (the Regulations) relating to transfers (if they agree to accept the transfer).

Note : See our ISA page for details on how we'll process your transfer request.

You must transfer all current year subscriptions (including any loans you invested the subscriptions in and any interest earned on the loans), though subscriptions for previous tax years can be transferred in whole or in part.

We make all transfers in cash, so if you ask us to transfer your current tax year subscriptions you agree that we'll deal with any loans you've invested your subscriptions in as follows:

  • We'll move any loans that are in arrears or default to a non-ISA product you have with us; and
  • We'll sell any other loans to the secondary market. As we have to make the transfer within 30 days of receiving your request, if we haven't been able to sell a loan within that time we'll move the loan to a non-ISA product you have with us.

Note : If we've had to remove loans from your ISA they will still count as a subscription to your ISA and they will lose their ISA tax benefits and you may have to pay tax on any interest you receive.

You can transfer previous years' subscriptions provided they are held as cash.


You can also withdraw cash from your ISA. We'll do our best to send funds to you as soon as possible and no later than 7 days from your request.

If you want to withdraw any money that is lent under a loan agreement, you'll have to sell the loan first, using the secondary market.

We offer a flexible ISA, so if you make a withdrawal from your ISA in the current financial year, you can put the amounts withdrawn into another platform. Please note, you cannot withdraw and fund previous financial years of your ISA.

Cancelling your ISA

You can cancel your Zopa ISA within 14 days beginning on the day after your successful application. You can do this by sending us an email to This won't affect any other parts of our agreement with you.

If you cancel within this period, any subscriptions you've made so far won't count towards your annual subscription limit for that tax year. You can also open a new ISA in that tax year with any other provider.

You'll lose your right to cancel your Zopa ISA if you've entered into any loan agreements in respect of any of your subscriptions or transferred in any previous years' subscriptions during this 14-day period.

If you close your ISA after the 14-day period, you'll be treated as having subscribed to an ISA and you won't be able to subscribe to another innovative finance ISA with another ISA manager in the current tax year, unless you request us to transfer all of your current tax year subscriptions.

Closing your ISA

You can close your ISA at any time by sending us an email to You must withdraw or transfer out any ISA funds within your ISA before it can be closed.

We may close your ISA immediately for any of the following reasons:

  • you've told us that you're closing your Zopa account;
  • your ISA doesn't meet any of the regulatory requirements and is void;
  • you die;
  • you're made bankrupt; or
  • for any of the reasons set out in Principle 11 above.

If we close your ISA, we may (as we reasonably consider appropriate in the circumstances) do any of the following:

  • transfer all your ISA funds from your ISA to any other product you have with us (and if you don't have one, we'll open one for you for this purpose);
  • continue to collect repayments in respect of your outstanding loan agreements and return them to any other product you have with us;
  • transfer any non-performing loan to any other product you have with us;
  • cash out your existing loan agreements using the secondary market and transfer the proceeds, as well as any other ISA funds, to your nominated bank account; or
  • deduct any sums due to us or to cover any tax liability.

Repair and voiding

HMRC may treat an ISA as invalid if it breaches the Individual Savings Account Regulations 1998. Sometimes it's possible to 'repair' the ISA, but if it isn't, it must be voided.

We'll notify you if, by reason of any failure to satisfy the provisions of the Regulations, your ISA has, or will become void.

If we reasonably believe that we need to repair your ISA or treat it or any subscription as void, we may:

  • transfer any ISA funds and loan agreements within your ISA to any other product you have with us or to your nominated bank account; or
  • close your ISA.

Other information about your ISA

Loan agreements held through your ISA must be held beneficially by you. You must not use them as security against any other loan.

Any invalid subscriptions made to your ISA may be subject to UK income tax. It's your responsibility to deal with any tax liability.

We can delegate any of our functions and responsibilities under this agreement to another person but only if we consider them to be competent to carry out those functions and responsibilities.

14. Contingency Planning

We continually keep our business model under review to ensure we can best serve all our customers (investors and borrowers). However, circumstances may arise where we are unable to continue to operate the Zopa platform and have to wind-down our business; for example, changes in regulation or market or economic conditions may mean that we can no longer operate the platform in a sustainable and profitable manner.

Consequently, and in accordance with regulatory requirements, to ensure an orderly wind-down of our business, we have put in place a wind-down plan to ensure an efficient and orderly wind-down of our business with minimal impact to our customers.

You can find more information about our wind down plan here:

If we invoke our wind-down plan, in order to facilitate an orderly wind-down we may sell your loans to a third party. You acknowledge that this sale of your loans may be for less than you could have received had you held the loans until the end of the loan term.
If a third party offers to purchase your loans at a price below face value at the point of sale, we will notify you of such proposal at least 30 days in advance of the proposed sale and give you the option to opt out of the proposed sale and retain your loans.

15. Client money

As a result of the FCA's client money rules, we're required to treat the money we hold for you (money you've transferred to us which we haven't lent out yet and any repayments from borrowers) as 'client money'. Effectively the FCA's client money rules enforce that this money is your money, not Zopa's.

Zopa will hold client money in a bank account or in an FCA-approved client money market deposit account, that is separate and segregated from Zopa's accounts used in the course of its business.

Any account Zopa uses to hold client money will be an account with a bank regulated by both PRA and FCA with a credit rating that meets Zopa's criteria.

Any interest or income received from your funds held in Zopa's client money account will not be credited to your Zopa account and will be periodically transferred to Zopa's own account.

As a result of money being classed as client money, if Zopa cease trading, the funds held in Zopa's client money account will not be considered to be part of Zopa's assets.

16. Complaints

If you want to make a complaint you can email with brief details of your complaint and your account reference. Alternatively, you can write to us at Zopa, Complaints Team, 1st Floor, Cottons Centre, Tooley Street, London, SE1 2QG or call our Customer Services Team on 020 7580 6060 between Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm. Zopa will acknowledge your complaint within one business day. Zopa will then investigate and send you an initial response. This should take no longer than three business days.

If we're unable to resolve your complaint within 3 business days we will keep you informed of our investigations until we are able to provide you with an initial response.

If within eight weeks after receiving a complaint we are still not able to resolve the matter, we will send you a final response. If you don't agree with our final response you may refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, who can be contacted by telephone on 0800 023 4567 or at You also have the right to make a complaint directly to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

17. Other things you should know

We may transfer our rights and our obligations under the Principles to someone else. We will tell you if we do this. You can't transfer any of your rights and obligations under the Principles to anyone else.

The Principles and our dealings with you before you enter into this agreement are governed in accordance with the law of the part of the UK where you are resident. The courts of that part of the UK will have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes.

We may sometimes decide not to exercise some of our rights (for example, we might give you some extra time to meet one of your obligations). Even if we do this, we'll still be able to apply our rights strictly in the future.

If any Principle is not capable of being enforced against you, this won't affect any of the other Principles.

Subject to Principle 14 above, nothing in the Principles will give any person, other than you and us (or any person to whom we have transferred our rights under your loan agreement), any rights under your agreement.

18. Contacting each other

For us to contact you

We'll generally deliver account information to your Zopa account and notices by email or by post to the most recent address you've given us. You should check your account and email regularly and tell us as soon as possible if any of your contact details change. If you don't, we aren't responsible if you don't get information or notices from us.

For you to contact us

Email : Phone: 020 7291 8331 for investments. Post: Zopa Ltd., 1st Floor, Cottons Centre, Tooley Street, London, SE1 2QG.

Note : We may record or monitor telephone calls for training and quality purposes. We may also record the numbers you call us from and may use them if we need to contact you urgently.

We'll always use English to communicate with you.

Changes to the Investor Principles

We'll regularly review the Investor Principles. If we make any changes, we'll post the updates on this page.

2 July 2021 We have made some changes to the Principles to clarify the basis on which you may withdraw amounts from your ISA. As part of our review of our wind-down plan we have also clarified fees and conditions for a portfolio sale.

18 December 2020 We made changes to Principle 14 (and related Principles) to give more details about contingency planning.

15 June 2020 We split out the Investor Principles section of the former Zopa Principles. Provisions that were previously in Part A of the Zopa Principles are now either in these Investor Principles or in our Terms of Use. We also added notes to explain the impact of investments in Consumer Credit Act regulated loans.

6 December 2019 We added details of circumstances where we may use a back-up servicer and the increased fees that may be charged if we have to use a back-up servicer. We added clarification on loan servicing fees and loan sale fees. We added details of how we hold your money. We clarified Zopa Bank holds vehicles on behalf of investors. We clarified our right to end this agreement.

4 August 2019 We confirmed when a vehicle loan customer will be considered to be in default.

20 June 2019 We added notes to explain the impact of investments in hire-purchase loans. We updated details of our complaints procedure. We clarified what happens on termination of your account.

1 December 2018 We added details of how our company is now structured and regulated now that we have a banking licence.

21 May 2018 The Zopa Principles have been rewritten to make them easier to read.